Wingsuit Sequentials Competition - Rules & Regulations

Version 1.1 - September 2012


  • All competitors must use a wingsuit. No tracking suits, or other attire not clearly defined as a wingsuit by both rules and common understanding within the discipline.
  • All competitors must have a functional AAD.
  • All competitors must wear a helmet.


  • 3 Judges.
  • Video will be accepted in file based formats (.M2T, .MP4, .MOV etc).
  • A dock should be a static grip, with all participating flyers in control.
  • Video will be copied from the camera by the judges, no intermediate conversion or file copying by the team itself.
  • All footage that is submitted must show exit until (cameraman) opening.
  • Actions outside of the normal freefall such as deployments, flybys etc. are not judged.
  • No props or attributes are to be used.

General rules

  • Re-jumps are possible in case of suit malfunction.
  • Re-jumps are possible in case of clouds/fog or camera malfunction.
  • Re-jumps are possible in case of lower exit altitude.
  • The competition is valid when a minimum of 3 rounds has been jumped.
  • In case of a dispute, the judges will vote. Judges decision is final, and cannot be challenged.
  • All teams get 7500 ft of 'working altitude'. Each team will work until 4500 ft. (Precise end of working time for judging will be based on the actual exit altitude)
  • Each team will present an L&B AltiTrack worn by one of the four formation flyers. The L&B AltiTrack will be used to determine the working time (based on exit altitude and the time at which 7500 ft of working altitude has passed).
  • All formation flyers must exist together. A delay of more than 2 seconds will disqualify the round. Re-jumps in this instance will not be allowed.
  • Points scored outside of official working altitude will not be judged.
  • Deliberate or accidental safety violations will result in a yellow card or red card, depending on the severity of the violation.
  • A red card disqualifies a team from the competition.
  • Two yellow cards for any team member disqualify a team from the competition.

Flight rules

  • Jump run is preferred 90 degrees (crosswind), with teams flying parallel lines.
  • In case a crosswind jump run is not possible, a normal jumps run/pattern will be used, with teams alternating between left/right 180 degree turns

Dive Pool

  • 5 rounds of rotations will be selected from the competition dive pool, excluding the 2pt Accordion. Check the website for a complete listing of the dive pool.
  • Exact rotations for each round will be determined the evening before the competition starts, by random draw.

Judging - Score

The score for each rotation round is based on:

  • Successful formation point -
    • Undocked - Formations appear as designed and held for at least 1 second; Awarded 1 point.
    • Docked - All docks indicated are held by all fliers and formations appear as designed; Awarded 1 point.
  • Completion of a full rotation - All points with the rotation successfully completed; Awarded 1 point.


This document was written by Zach Schroedel. Some rules written by Costyn van Dongen and Jarno Cordia were adapted. Additional input was provided by Betsy Hoats.

Version history

Version 1.1 - September 2012

Updates based on trial event

Version 1.0 - July 2012

First version